【Teaching Beginners #5】2月6日

4. Picture Books

I love Oxford Reading Tree. So do a lot of children, who identify themselves with Kipper, the youngest of the family. The following titles will be great Reading-Together activities or wrap-up activities that will offer an opportunity to use the target language in natural and realistic contexts. 

[At School]

Kipper visits a nursery school for a day. The book has no text. You can use every page to encourage children to name colors and find lower-case letters.

[It’s the Weather]

This 16-page book depicts a day in Kipper’s school on a bad weather day. Children are noisy, silly, messy, untidy, cross, grumpy, and unhappy. At the end of the day the weather gets better and children are good. Encourage children to name things in the classroom.  

[Kipper’s Balloon]

Kipper buys a red balloon but it breaks. Kipper buys a green balloon but Dad sees a red balloon and runs after it. The book depicts various places in town where Dad chases the wrong balloon. Have children count the balloons, cars, people, and dogs, and name the colors of the balloons.   


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